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Other Notes

clash royale hack android no rootThe new update improved the game balance as well, because there wasn’t much diversity in card decks. Some of the cards were under-used while others were constantly used over and over again which made the game-play a little dull. These issues are now fixed and the developers announced a monthly card balance based on their statistic on card use and win rates. This will ensure card diversity and will keep the excitement in Clash Royale.**However, the best change in this update is that now you can obtain Legendary cards much easier than before. Legendary Chests will now be available and every once in a while you will be rewarded with it. Also, the chests will pop up occasionally in the shop and you will be able to purchase them for 500 gems. But, that’s not all, from now on Epic Chests will also be included in the game-play on regular bases. So don’t be surprised when you get Epic or Legendary Chest next time you win.**Other minor changes were made to ensure a more exciting and interesting gaming experience. For example, the training camp was improved and is much harder to beat now which makes it perfect for testing new decks. It is worth mentioning that none of your crowns will go to waste no more and they will be transferred to the next Crown Chest. New social features for clan members were added as well. You can now see which clan mates are online. You can watch their battles and spectate the outcome and you can even initiate 1-on-1 battle with a certain person.**All in all, we can say that this September Clash Royale update was well thought thru and will make this game a lot better and much more exciting.If there is one thing that mobile game developer Supercell is really great at, it is keeping in constant communication with fans. Just last Monday, the Clash Royale developer announced in a tweet that it was already working on several adjustments on the game’s Trophy system.**Maintenance Break:*We’re making some small adjustments to the Trophy system to help players progress throughout the middle (4, 5, 6) Arenas.**— Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) August 15, 2016**While the game immediately went back online, the developer’s tweaks on the title’s Trophy system has proven once again that Supercell has been listening to its fans’ requests. With the minor update on August 15 done, many fans are speculating that more changes to the game would be released very soon.**Which Units Will Be Nerfed?**Among the most prominent speculations about the upcoming Clash Royale update are several nerfs and buffs that players have been requesting for, the most notable of which involves the Mini Pekka, which many users of the game feel is currently overpowered.**True to form, leaks about the upcoming update point to Supercell nerfing the annoyingly OP unit by a very significant 7 percent health decrease. Doing this puts the unit in level with most other characters, and not just the universal tank of choice for many.**It’s not just the Mini Pekka that will be nerfed, however, as Giants, Barbarians and Royale Giants are also rumored to be scheduled for a much-needed nerf. Miners are also said to receive a 3 percent damage reduction.Adapt your deck level **Three decks locations are available in the menu card. Take the opportunity to vary the pleasures with an aggressive deck (based on the attack), a defense and versatile. Beginners should focus on an average cost of 3.5 elixir, while advanced players can risk more easily to four or more. Be careful though not to freeze your deck with cards too costly.**To get a good start, it is advisable to have an antiaircraft card, a spell, a AOE, a tank, a unit at low cost and a defensive building. The seventh card will compose a combo with one of those previously selected. The eighth change depending weaknesses noticed on the battlefield.**Remember that there is no perfect deck, everything depends on your opponent, how you spend your essence and your cool on the battlefield. Here we present a beginner deck mat, but above all, be creative and original to surprise the opponent.***Jason deck: winner of the Helsinki tournament***The whole attack is centered on the Giant. Launched from the back of the castle, it progresses slowly and the combo is created when the archers and goblins come to support. The other two combinations are with the barbarian and the pig Rider. All that being hungry enough elixir, the extractor can be doubled to frequently send combos.***Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a clan **When you reach level 3, do not wait a second before joining a clan. The game wins in usability, but it is not the main concern. First, it is possible to request a free card every eight hours with your clan. It is rare that your wish will not be fulfilled quickly, because the one that meets your application sees rewarded with some gold and experience points. Obviously you pull the same benefits of a card sold to an ally member and this is where the store makes sense.Ever

clash royale hack game download – clash royale hack youtube
How to install:
1. Download, extract and run .exe file,
(If your antivirus blocking file, pause it or disable it for some time.)
2. Press Install button
3. Choose destination folder
4. Press Finish

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

Don’t forget to read instructions after installation.
Enjoy clash royale hack game download – clash royale hack youtube.

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